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Speaking about this particular topic could be very controversial and most of the medical professionals might even say that we are doing a disservice to humanity, because somebody could die due to the bite of a certain tropical insect, for instance, however, we must stress that undoubtedly there are very good vaccines, which have saved human lives, the problem that we have now has to do with what’s being added to these vaccines.

If we think that a vaccine is a good product and the government wants to inoculate many people, and a separate organization with an evil agenda that have a lot of power come along and say that they want to put some additive to these vaccines, then the vaccines are altered. Then, when a doctor gives an injection to a patient he/she believes that the patient is receiving something good, it's important to say that the vast majority of the doctors are actually good people, who are concerned and care about their patients, but they are kept in ignorance with regard to the content of the vaccines.
Then, in our estimation there are some inoculations which are not good and certainly many children will grow up with them, so, we suggest that those parents look at this issue and pay attention that in America a law has been passed, which is not yet in effect and you will not be able to send your child to kindergarten unless he/she has received all the injections, the main argument they have is that they don’t want to spread a disease to all the rest of the children, but also they will know when the vaccine was inoculated to a population based on the age range, so the risk is big and the cost of being against recent vaccines very present.

Then, personally, at this precise moment, I would not receive any vaccine offered to me at all, not until the system changes, I want to be positive on this issue, but until these evil people are removed from their positions of power, the medical system cleared out and we are informed on what exactly these injections have, what they have put in the food and drinking water, I cannot accept it.  

At this moment ordinary people do not know what they are eating, what they are drinking or what’s being  injected into them because they are not being told the truth. That’s what we, as a people, must be aware of. 

There is a terrible game that is being played unbeknownst to good and decent people who would never hurt other people and certainly they believe that nobody would hurt them, but they also find it hard to believe that the people they elected are playing subservient roles to vast corporations who dictate to them what they can do or can’t do.

Some politicians also don’t know what is in the needle when they get their own injections. So, all that I can suggest is that you ask your Higher-self and make your own decision and make them with the good intent to your children as well.      


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"A Conspiracy to rule the World"

Unveiling the true nature of this secret organization would be very extensive and even hard to explain, suffice to say that it has multiple ramifications and it’s developed to achieve ultimate control of banking economy, finances, pharmaceutical industries, military weapons, food, religious beliefs, technology, mass media and science. 

Practically this organization has a vast compartmentalized structure that only those members –a supreme grand master- in the higher ranks of its pyramidal structure know about. It’s like a club, a secret sect that has blood agreements; the driving force of these masters has to do with satanic energies, which offer them a sort of supernatural powers in order to obtain certain goals of domination and destruction of their adversaries. They have passed off Satanism as pedophilia, so they have at their disposal a network of black magicians, for mind control, remote viewing and intelligence agencies such as MI6, NSA, CIA, Mossad that work for them and very advanced technology they got from alien space ships that crashed.

Not only do they have huge amounts of money, they use it to ensure political power and pay infiltrated agents in all the key positions of public and private organizations, they gather a huge pile of information to control governments and politicians in many countries, they have manipulated world economy and they are the masterminds behind every economic collapse, past and future, as we said it before, they plan to establish a new world order, which is not new after all. Unfortunately they have obtained ancients artifacts, gadgets and they have back engineered alien technology and rediscovered scientific advances from Atlantis.

Powerful families like the Rothshild, Rockefeller are behind of these plans, the Illuminati group has fallen in a trap in which they ended up parasitized by dark energies known by many people as Archons, although we envisaged them as Demiurge and primordial beings, these entities have taken the names of Moloch, Baal and gods from Babylon and Sumer as well.

The Illuminati had been promised that they would receive power to rule the world as global elite and the rest of us would be under their command, however, the very dark powers they managed to contact with lied to them. At first they thought they could attain a NWO in which they could establish a one world government in which only they would have all the privileges, but they did not realize that the main objective of these dark entities was the total annihilation of mankind, by infiltrating artificial intelligence, which could pervade people and through trans humanization gain total domination of Earth, so this plan includes these people who are actually part of the illuminati.

The dangerous path the Illuminati have chosen is now threatening the very existence of this planet, which is why extraterrestrial beings from other systems have intervened blocking their demonic plans because the threat is huge and it can spread to other planets.

Some researchers have linked the Illuminati with reptilian beings, and they pointed that their elitist lineages have hybrid DNA, this is partially true, but we know for sure that reptilian beings do not care about humanity, but they want to keep humanity under control and remain hidden underground (in a sort of status quo) where they can kidnap human beings, mostly children as labor force, a source of DNA for experimentation and food. This was hard to believe until we got evidence from remote viewers, but there is also archaeological evidence that support this theory, testimonies from witnesses and our own research on the topic.

The technology that Illuminati have now is quite amazing, they have anti-gravity aircrafts, space ships capable to travel to Mars in minutes, teleportation technology, a secret Space program quite similar to sci-fi movies like Star Trek, biotechnology capable to restore damaged organs, body parts, life extension, creation of clones, free energy technology also plagiarized from Tesla and they planned not to share this advances with humanity and save the planet, but on the contrary they want to have the planet for themselves, they already have the cure of cancer and many diseases, obtained many decades ago. 

Ask yourself, Have you noticed that these people live longer lives, quite healthy and peaceful lives and they are cancer free? The elite do not go to a public hospital, they receive special treatment from unknown personnel and they do not expose their body fluids or DNA samples to anybody. Have you noticed that very important people (who belong to the Illuminati) do not receive Chemotherapy? Not even their doctors want to receive this treatment. Do you know why? Only common people have to undergo these medical procedures?

This is part of their plan of their plan of depopulation because they do not want to lose control. Now, what are their future plans? They have planned to create a financial crash this year because they are running out of time. Sooner or later they want to provoke a major incident or crisis that will make look previous economic collapses like children games, they were organizing a major war in middle east, serious enough that people will not have other choice to accept their terms, but if everything fails, what they really want is to push forward a plan to have people under control.

These are their plans in the agenda:

        A false flag announcement (An alien Landing or Epidemic threat)

       Lockdown on Internet, Communications, travel etc.

       Claiming an alleged defeat

       Discovery of Human “Clones”

       Announcement of a Second invasion

       Pressure a one world government

       Implantation of a RFID chip

The alien Landing will not be an open invasion, but holographic technology will be used (Project Blue beam), they have already prepared propaganda and videos of the alleged struggle between the alien forces and the “good” guys from the American Army. It does not mean that this “alien” landing is going to happen, but they have this plan already prepared. Make no mistake, if this “alien invasion” should happen, do not panic, it will be a false flag operation destined to gain total control over population.

If you have watched the movie “the 5th wave” you’ll understand their agenda, for they want to implant an RFID chip, they have been preparing us for many years and this will be the way to identify alien invaders from human beings. Again, make no mistake, this will be the excuse they will use to implant this advanced microchip in order to take control over your body, although this will sound like science fiction, these are the plans they truly have. 

The Illuminati have already set up false flags wars before, they have destabilized Europe and the Middle East now, creating a disaster with thousands of refugees and they choose who is going to replace the American president, they have cloning technology and even if their selected candidate dies unexpectedly, her body can be replaced. 

First they created the war against terrorism and now they need this new false flag operation to “create” the next necessary enemy according to the Iron Mountain report. That’s needed to take over the world. This event will be the major false flag in History if it happens, but we are not saying that this will necessary happen, it’s just the plans they have prepared, If it happens, above all things do not be afraid because that is what they want from you, in panic most people will look for salvation and they will easily surrender their free will, self-determination and sovereignty, but remember that it will be a false flag like the one we saw in New York 9/11, this will not be an extraterrestrial race threatening us because our planet is currently under quarantine.

I hope you will take necessary precautions if the previous plans take action.

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